isinvariant IsInvariant Sensor Pre-Amplifiers
Aneuran™ IsInvariant™
Sensor PreAmplifiers
(low-power low-cost)
What is the problem, why is it hard?
Economical sensor arrays fail to follow Weber's law.
Sensor arrays that do follow this law have limited range.
How is it solved today?
PN junction biasing limits sensors to a sliding 5 or 6 decades
restricting the sensor with noise floors and saturation.
What is the new technical idea; Why can we succeed now?
Novel, non-obvious, and useful PN junction configurations
eliminate biasing, eliminate amplified noise, and use full sensor range.
What is the impact if successful?
Devices will deliver output more as the human operator expects
discriminating where available devices fail or require adjustment.
How will the program be organized?
Test equipment and discrete components on an electronics bench.
Relationships with a university for use of fabrication equipment.
How will intermediate results be generated?
Initially, simple discrete circuits will be used to test.
Finally, a chip with a functioning image plane will be produced.
How will progress be measured?
Short monthly reports will show latest circuit and traces.
Short-term, a working pre-amplifier. Long-term, a working image plane.
What will it cost?
SPICE trace from an Aneuran™ IsInvariant™ pre-amplifier